Thursday, October 11, 2012

Christmas Lists 2012...

Xmas ideas for me:
1 or 2 thin-ish sterling silver toe ring size 4. Nothing to bulky, just like a thicker gauge wire - solid piece/soldered, not the kind that are open in the back or adjustable. I miss mine. :(
Something like THIS would work but I think Amazon has some too. Hammered or shiny - doesn't matter which. But must be sterling. :) {otherwise it turns my toe colors}

Stitch markers for knitting:
                                    Shroomies from overseas {2-4 weeks shipping time}: <--- click="click">

Snap Pliers/Snaps set - $30.ish <--- click="click" p="p">Or this link for the pliers for 13$ and the snaps below. Not sure which works out to the better deal.

4 Color snap choices - note these in etsy check out under 'notes'... Pastel Pink {B18}, Bright Red {B1}, Bright Blue {B8}, & Apple Green {B44}.

THIS bootie pattern.
Baby Crochet Boots Pattern - Furrylicious Booties  - Pattern number 200

This woodburner from Amazon... click the image.

TShirts XL Plain colored or printed. No white. :)
Jeans 36x30 ... He usually gets them from Wmart
Socks - regular socks with a heel, not tube socks.

I'll see if I can find something else to list too.

Monday, December 27, 2010

My store below for Mady

Until I figure out how to edit the store below... the books that have been purchased for her are:
The Three Snow Bears
Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy
Okay, after trying to figure out how to post the proper links in a post... I've created a store of books that Madysen likes instead. It's in the post following this one. There is one book I can't recommend buying through Amazon and it's Children of the Forest. If you click on the title you can see what I wrote about it {then click the back button to go back to viewing them all}. It's just that it's a mini version of the book. The link will take you to another site that sells the full size version of the book. But if you don't want to go to the trouble then just don't worry about that one and choose from the others. :)
These are already linked to my acct.
Just click on one of the links under the image, and it will take you to a place you can put it into your cart - not unlike Amazon itself. Then you can use the back button on your browser to get back to the full list of books {my "store"}. Then you are done... say you want 1 book. After you click to put it in your cart you can proceed to check out. If you want 2 books just add the first book to your cart, hit your back button {or if there is a "continue shopping" button you can use that} to return to the full list, find another and add to your cart then proceed to check out.
Same as Amazon. For this Amazon is just being hosted on my site. :)
Hope this helps!

Books Mady likes

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Donating through a Chip-In

Before you donate to a chip in be sure the thing is legit.
Click the ChipIn button and a new page should open.
This page is a paypal page.
1st on the left you need to put in how much you wish to donate and then hit update. Don't forget to hit the update link.
If you have a PayPal Acct. then just log into it, through the Log Into My PayPal Acct. button and follow the steps, but if you don't have an acct...

Fill in the info that it asks for & click Agree & Creat Acct. at the bottom.

I can't go further b/c I have a paypal acct. and don't wish to create another one. If you have any probs email me.

Friday, May 07, 2010

We had visitors!

It was so nice to see Hallie again and meet her beautiful family! Our history goes back about 20 years when Hallie & her parents {Kathy & Stephen} lived across the street from us in Cali. My girls were 4 & 5 years old, or thereabouts, when we moved there - Hallie is a few years older than the girls and was a much loved friend & playmate who later babysat my girls a bit.
Kathy & Stephen tearfully left Cali around 1993 for Missouri - and we surprisingly followed in '94, choosing a town about an hour from where they lived unfortunately. We didn't see them as often as we'd have liked but we stayed in touch. Then in 2001 they moved to... Alaska - where Hallie started a family of her own, while Kathy & Stephen migrated to Germany and then back to their home state of PA over the next several years. Meanwhile Hallie, Jason & their 2 girls, & furkids, left their beloved Alaska for Texas. Now they will be moving to Washington state but took a road trip to visit friends and relatives before the transition that precedes their big move to the west coast... and that's how we received the pleasure of their company for about a day and a half after 9 years. :)

Jer took J & R for a walk on the damn and over our small creek, we fed the fishies of course, and I showed the girls where Mady's fairy friends come to leave her gifts {and she leaves them flowers}. We visited until late hours and got caught up. We talked of knitting and unschooling. Gosh it was good to have them here. lol
J and R are adorable, Karma is beautiful, and Jason is a sweetheart. And, of course, we love Hallie like she were one of our own.
And they came with gifts! lol. They brought the cutest little knit cupcakes for Mady's kitchen, a parachute guy that Mady will love, and the cutest little crayon roll {I'm printing off some color pages for her now}. Needless to say Mady LOVED the girls! and it was so neat to see them playing together as Hal and my girls so often did.
Thankfully Bri and Kayleigh were able to come out after work for several hours as well, to visit. They just grow up too darn fast.
It was such a joy to have them here and only wish the time we had was longer. Hopefully it won't be 9 years until we see them again!
{Photo credits to Hallie: The girls - Bri's kid Otto was out running amuck w/ the boys so missed the photo. And feeding the fishies.}
Safe travels kids!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tutorial :. Facebook 101.:

Today I'm going to show you some of the features of Facebook. It really is a great way to keep connected with people you know, & even meet some people you don't - altho' I don't have to tell you to be careful with the later!
I'll go through some of the privacy settings later - it really is as secure as anything on the web but as with anything online: if you'd hate to have someone read what you write someday; don't write it. Nothing online is 100% full-proof secure.
And on with the tutorial! Click photos to make them larger & readable - they will open in a new window. :)

After signing up and all that, the page above should be what you see only with your info, of course. The 1st thing you can do: fill out your info {pick & choose what you want to fill in} & add friends. {See G below}
A - The NEWS FEED section is where you end up after logging in. This may or may not be where you want to be. I rarely stay on this part of the page. It annoys me b/c it shows you EVERYTHING your FBFriends do. When they join another page or friend a person it tells you & I usually don't care what they do. Now, on occasion, I'll see that someone has become a fan of the "Be Nice to People" fan page {more on fan pages later}, or something that I might want to also be a fan of so it's not all bad but I usually don't stay here.
B - But since we are here there are 2 options in which to view this section: Top News or Most Recent. Top News will show you "news" {news = status updates that your friends have sent out.} that is from your FBFriends Facebook thinks you'd be most interested in seeing based on comments you've made. If you commented on a lot of posts made by JimmyWhoVille then his posts will surely show up in Top News. While 'Most Recent' shows you posts in chronological order which is usually what I would rather see.
C - Home / Profile / Account = The home page is my screen shot above. Shows you what all your friends are doing. It's your Facebook HomeBase. Profile is your page - your info/personality/stuff. If a FBFriend were to click on your name {ie: from a post you made} this is what they would see. If a stranger searched for you they would only see what you allowed them to see based on your privacy settings {more on that later}. So what you see while logged in is in all likelyhood NOT what a stranger would see. So don't panic. Account has more options under the word {click or hoover over it} for seeing your settings and logging out etc.
D - Another link to get to your Profile page.
E - Friends is another way to view what your FBFriends are doing. More on that further down.
F - Requests being made of you. You can see who may want to be your friend as well as Fan Pages that have been suggested {that you may or may not like} by your FBFriends. This section will also contain things that your FBFriends may send you; gifts, tokens, parts used to play games. You can ignore, block, or say no to any of these things easily. Just open the requests section {'View All' to the right of the word REQUESTS} and deal with them at your leisure.
G - You can use the search at the top to find people that you know. Facebook will also take the info that you entered {where you work, school etc. if you entered it} & suggest friends for you b/c they are helpful like that. You don't have to friend anyone that they suggest and if you get tired of seeing the same faces staring at you just click the X to the right of the faces/info and a new face will appear if there is one in the system that they think you might like. Or just ignore that section all together, which is what I usually do.
WRITE WHATEVER HERE - where you can put in whatever you wish... How much you love your coffee/dog/significant other/the weather, or something important that you are doing. Want to aim your words at a specific person? Write this in that space: @Person's Name then write your message. {that will alert that person that he/she has been mentioned in a post} AND if you want it to go to ONLY that person, just below where you just wrote is a lock - click on the triangle next to it and you'll have choices about who will be able to see that particular post. Choose 'customize' &, in the case of who can view it, choose 'specific person' & write in the person you wish only to see it {it will show you choices based on your input - you can type in more than one person}, or choose people you don't wish to be able to view it. Then click 'save', and then 'share' when you done writing.
H - This, of course, is all your FBFriends & what they are doing that is so important that they just must let all their FBFriends know. lol. It goes without saying {unless you perhaps have a tight knit group and no strangers in your FBFriends list} never say when you will be out of town & the like.

Okay, the FRIENDS screen. Click on the Friends link mentioned in E in the section above & this is what you will see. Of course if you've not yet added friends it will be kinda blank but... once you add friends this is what you should have. It will also show you if you have any friend requests & you can choose to add them or not {I don't have any right now so it's not showing them}. You can send anyone requesting your friendship a message saying "do I know you?" if you aren't sure. This center section is just showing what has changed for your FBFriends lately. If they changed their avatar/profile photo for instance, or contact/relationship info. Which I usually don't care about so... moving on...
a - Message link is on all the screens and tells you if someone has sent you a PM {private message}. Just click on it and it will show you something that sorta looks like email and you can reply to them. This is what many are using instead of email. Of course no one can PM you unless they are your FBFriend. If someone has sent out a message and copied it to several people, in your reply make sure it's not going to everyone that it was originally copied to, unless that's okay with you. It's pretty apparent when this happens. People generally don't send forwards/spam & the like on Facebook so you are pretty safe from that.
b - Status Updates - another way to view what your FBFriends have posted. The great thing about this link is that it doesn't include info about who your FBFriends have joined/friended with. The bad thing is it doesn't include any photos that they may have attached to their posts. However, you can go to see photos that your FBFriends have posted by clicking the PHOTOS link above the Status Update link.
c - Friends & Family - when you add someone as a friend you can put them in a category like well, Friends & Family, Co-workers, People from School, etc. You can see here I have a "group" called Raw under F&Fam & if I were to click 'more' there would be more "groups" that I have created. When I click a category then only posts from my FBFriends in the specifically named groups show up for me. Since I have eleventy-million FBFriends this is a handy way for me to see posts from people I actually know. :) If you don't have a ton of FBFriends then it's not so much an issue to categorize people.
d - To see photos that people have posted as mentioned above.
e - Chat. By default this is set to be ON. It will let you know when your FBFriends are online & if you want to chat w/ them you can do that. Or click it and turn it off & they won't know when you are online & you won't know when they are.
Note: This view is read-only & you can't post your own status update from here. You'll have to go up to Status Updates & click on 'Update Status' or go back to the Home page/Profile page to do that.
And my last screen shot for now {whew!}
Welcome to your my Profile! I hardly come here b/c really everything you I need is on the HOME page. But, if you do go to your Profile here are a few tips.
z - You can post a status here - and it will go out to your FBFriends same as if you'd posted it from the Home page. The same options for customizing {the lock pic} are here as are on your Home page.
y - Use these options for attaching things to your post/status update. These are also on your Home page.
x - Click on these options & it will show you posts that your FBFriends have posted directly to your Wall {which is what the page you are looking at is called}. These also show up on your Home page. I clicked on 'Just Friends' & saw a post from someone that I'd not seen before... but I have a lot of 'friends' & it's impossible for me to read everything that is posted - you probably won't miss such posts if you don't have as many FBFriends.
v - Every post, whether it's on your Profile or Home page, has these options under it. If someone posts a photo/video/link there will usually be an additional link SHARE that you can click on to add whatever was posted to your own status stream & share with your FBFriends/readers.
HEART - to make a heart just do shift+, and a 3 {shift+comma which makes the 'less than' character, and 3 smooshed together} - when it posts these characters will be replaced w/ the cute heart right side up. :)

That's it for now. Whew that was long! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're gonna have to have a house warming!

Congrats on your new home dad & mom!
Yes, my dad & mom are moving to MO! lol. I remember how they used to call it "misery" - but I think that was because we were so far away more than a description of the state. While it's far from perfect here, it isn't miserable... South Dakota was miserable! :)
And now dad & mom will be joining us here... sometime. lol. They visited in Feb. & purchased a house! Jer & I had been looking at homes for a month or so when we came across this home on 5 acres - plenty of room for the motorhome. It's a lovely home, as you can see in the pics, and only about 15 min. from us & 10 min. from Kayleigh, Rob, & Mady. It's still 45 min. from Bri but... she comes into town frequently.
They don't plan to move into it until summer 2011 but mom said she packed a box today - yay! lol. and they've been going through their accumulation of stuff bit by bit. The plan is to move a truck load this summer/fall, and then move the rest in phase II.
I know moving here will be difficult; they will be gaining us, and the great grandbaby but will loose their frequent visits with their grandsons Evan & Ethan... a plus is that the boys are older now and can travel out here to see us, & when they get a little older they can fly out by themselves if they need to - and they can stay connected over the internet. Everything is a trade-off & we will be very happy to have them here! Yay!
{Rest of the pics are on flickr}

Costa Rica Baby!

Ah Costa Rica...

The only Latin American country we have to compare it with is Belize. And in many ways CR is quite different... Traffic for one. lol. This trip Jer was a bit stressed because of all the driving & the chaotic way everyone drives. It was a lot different than the golf cart crowd that we'd found on Ambergris Caye! Driving is a new sport to Ticos & while it seems quite crazy & dangerous at first you soon learn there is a method to the madness, that everyone really is paying attention, & you calm down a bit. The first evening, when we arrived at Sally & Hal's, all Jer wanted was a beer! {we also got yummy before dinner cookies thanks to Sally & Hal's son Ryan!} After that initial immersion things were better. It was still a lot of driving tho' over mountains & in small lanes on curvy roads, & one-way bridges with trucks & buses.
We very rarely found ourselves going over 80kph/50mph tho' & that helped. There was also zero roadkill on the roads which was very nice - I'm guessing because of the slower speeds & respect for the wildlife that resides there.

I'd met Sally online somehow about a year or more ago, I don't even remember how I came across her blog, but I'm glad I did. Former Key West residents they now reside in CR with their 2 sons Ryan & Mo, & Winston their dog, in a large house on a hill in Escazu just outside of San Jose. Lovely lovely people who are a joy to be around. And boy can Hal cook! We stayed with them 3 nights and every night was a pleasure.

Our itinerary included one night at the base of Volcan Arenal, the most active volcano around, as well as Manuel Antonio.

We started at Arenal - up the curvy mountain roads & through several small towns finally brought us to the coolest mountain we'd ever seen. On the side we came in on it was all green & alive, but eventually we were brought around to the "active side" which is all grey with ash. The Volcano Gods must have liked us because the day of our arrival was clear & we could see the top of the volcano easily - even seeing it spitting out smoke which led to the realization that all the clouds that we had seen earlier around it's peak weren't entirely clouds at all. While waiting for check-in time we strolled the grounds & gardens, which are lovely with flowers & plants... and a waterfall! It was a wonderful easy walk until... the stairs down to the falls. Evil stairs. Oh going down was easy - coming back up kicked my butt tho'. lol. The waterfall was beautiful & worth the exertion... but the coke afterwards was the best Coke. ever. :)
We spent the next hour or so watching the mountain belch out rocks & make thunderous sounds. We would later learn that the rocks hurling down the mountain were about the size of a car on average. No wonder they made so much noise! In a video on my Flickr account you can see them coming down the volcano making "footprints" in the ash. Really something to see! We also had our first close encounter with a few Coatimundi! Such cute critters, they are compared with our raccoon.

The next day was rainy & the clouds were very low... so low that the volcano disappeared entirely for the day. We later found out that that is common & we were lucky to see it on our first day. Arenal has a guided walk every morning at 8.30 that is very informative about the area {which used to be a cattle ranch until the volcano started acting up & scientists started hanging out in the vicinity} & the volcano which had it's last large eruption in 1964.

Day 3 in CR saw us heading down the mountain back to our Home Base at Sally & Hal's, first stopping to do a little souvenir shopping in La Fortuna. That night we were treated to a wonderful dinner of home made pizza & other goodness, a good night's sleep, a wonderful breakfast & we were soon setting our GPS for the coast. Back into the mountains {CR is basically all mountains so to get anywhere you must go through them} we went until we finally saw the beautiful ocean. Just above the town of Quepos tucked in the mountains are lots of little places to stay & eat... we stayed at the Mono Azul Hotel {the Blue Monkey} & had a very nice time there. Now several people had warned me that tourists don't come to CR for the food. We, however, found the food to be fabulous! And at Mono Azul that held true... great pizza, as well as the typical fare of pinto gallo {rice & beans}. It's very easy to be a vegetarian/pescetarian in CR.

Day 4 we headed out to the beach & Manuel Antonio Park & scored a great guide, Miguel*. If we hadn't had him with us we would have not seen as many critters as we did - there was also a family of 3 from Kansas City of all places in our little group as well as a couple from Germany. He pointed out most of the animals that are in my flickr album & we were able to snap photos through his scope; the falcon with the deadly coral snake, a rainbow grasshopper, flowers that eat insects, strange & unusual insects, the sloths, & the mischievous monkeys... The beach here is beautiful & uncrowded. The weather is HOT & humid being as close to the equator as it is. If you are contemplating a trip to CR prepare for this - it's not the beach weather I was used to experiencing on the Cali coast. We stayed 2 lovely nights in the Manuel Antonio area & then were off to head to Jaco - a surf town where we had fish tacos at the Taco Bar & shopped. Cute eclectic town & if not for the weather I wouldn't have minded hanging out there longer.

Much too soon our time in CR was just about up & we meandered back down the hill back to Sally & Hal's... & prepared to catch the plane back to the US the next morning.

Hal cooked up some wild salmon burgers, snap pea salad with strawberries & sprouted lentils, guacamole, and a wonderful crusty bread. We never went to bed hungry there! Each morning we spent with them we were awoken by the sounds of Hal in the kitchen working his magic. We threatened to bring him home with us.

The plane ride back was uneventful except for missing our connection in Houston - but that wasn't a huge deal... and meant we didn't have to run through the airport as we had had to do to make our connection to CR.
And then, all too soon, it was over & we were back in a world of swirling snow & below freezing temps. Pretty in it's own way but a far cry from the tropical paradise we'd just left behind... where 70* found people {cough:Sally:cough lol} in sweatshirts because they were freezing! lol.

For the rest of the photos please head over to my flikr acct. If you don't have permission to view or can't log in email me & I'll send you a link.

Friday, March 19, 2010

While reading the web...

I thought this was so funny! I have been reading the adventures of a large family as they travel parts of the US in a Travel Trailer - they are from Montana & really had never been to the Ocean so this isn't surprising that they didn't know what these were either but {This was taken in NV}... I thought it funny.
{I hope they never see this post & think I'm making fun of them; I'm not. I'm enjoying their blog. lol}
We had to pull of to check out these strange trees! We still haven't looked up what kind they are, but they were really neat. No worries on anything eating them into extinction - they were hard, sharp, and pokey - but really cool looking!

I also just realized that my Costa Rica post, that I put here a month or more ago, never actually posted here {along with a few other posts... hmmmm}... I'll have to figure that out and repost them soon!